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Personal Trainer Auckland


02/27/2021 From Overblog

Say Bye-Bye to Belly Fat

Are you missing those dresses that don’t fit you anymore because of the belly fat that you have gained by sitting...

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01/18/2021 From Overblog

Using Exercise to Reduce Stress

We all are familiar that stress is a part of our life. But it depends on us how we deal with it. Sitting in one...

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11/05/2020 From Overblog

Exercises for Building Muscles Without a Gym or Machines

Many a times there are such situations when we are not able to go outside to the gym. For instance, let’s take...

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10/16/2020 From Overblog

Getting Toned and Having a Slim Body Shape

Getting toned and having a slim body shape gives a better picture of life to a person and keeps you going. But...

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10/08/2020 From Overblog

3 Exercises to Tone Every Inch of your Body

We all know it very well that daily exercise is extremely good for improving your health. Many of Auckland Central’s...

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09/29/2020 From Overblog

Burpee Exercise - That Helps to Get you Fit Fast

You may wonder what all the fuss is about when you start doing burpee exercises. But if you’re trying to lose your...

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08/28/2020 From Overblog

5 Exercises to Improve your Body Posture

Do you always feel like having good posture? Being in this field for so many years, I've found that people don't...

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07/10/2020 From Overblog

Why is it Important to have a Regular Exercising Schedule?

We all are very clear with the fact that regular exercising is an important thing in our daily lives, but we all...

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